Dog Spaw 2 Hour Grooms

Because Your Pet Deserves The Very Best


Head To Toe Attention For Your Special Pet

Personal Attention

Your pet will receive personal attention in a stress-free environment from the moment he or she arrives until it's time to go home.

Don't Forget The Ears

All dogs should have their ears cleaned from time to time, but some dogs need more frequent and thorough cleaning than others.

Pretty Nails Are A Must

Proper nail care is a must for your pet. We will make sure your pet feels comfortable and safe, each and every time they need a trim.

What Makes Us Different?

The Dog Spaw is an appointment only, low volume grooming shop.  Most other shops have you drop off your dog in the morning to be confined there for 4 to 6 hours.  At the Spaw, your dog is bathed, hand fluff dried and then the haircut (if required) and then your dog is ready for home.  Most grooms can be completed in 2 hours for small dogs to 2 1/2  hours for the larger breeds.

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Because Your Pet Deserves The Very Best

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